What is HTPUT?

HTPUT is a webservice that allows you to post any kind of content to friendly addresses created by yourself. Your content will be available on an url like this one:


When accessed, the content will be rendered "as is", without being framed or altered in any way whatsoever. This means you can have a full-blown webpage with your own logo made available to the world in a matter of seconds!

I say in a matter of seconds because:

  1. There is no need to pay.
  2. There is no need to sign up.

Yes, that's true! The only requirement is that you be the first one to get to the address.

For developers

If you are a developer and you need to log data from multiple desktop or mobile users and you don't want to setup a webserver just for that, then htput is the right solution for you! With a single api call you are able to create a new address and put some data on it (as long as this address is not already taken!).

An example: The GPS Tracker App

Say you have created an app which logs the GPS coordinates from users every time their internet connection is reestablished. Let's also pretend the name of this app is "GPSCoordTracker". We can start logging data from users of this app right away just by sending PUT requests to https://htput.com/GPSCoordTracker. Below is a pseudo-code to demonstrate this:

PUT http://htput.com/GPSCoordTracker/user1 "Latidude,Logitude"
PUT http://htput.com/GPSCoordTracker/user2 "Latidude,Logitude" -h HTPUT_PASS "mypass"
PUT http://htput.com/GPSCoordTracker/user3 "Latidude,Logitude" -h HTPUT_PASS "mypass"
PUT http://htput.com/GPSCoordTracker/user4 "Latidude,Logitude" -h HTPUT_PASS "mypass"
How it works

The first time you try to put something into the main "GPSCoordTracker" address the API checks to see if that address already exists. If it doesn't exist it will create it and generate a password for you. The password is returned in a json response and you must keep it in case you need to add more stuff to this address. If "GPSCoordTracker" already exists you could try a different name until a successfull response is given. To better understand how the api works, please go to https://htput.com/api


So, as you can see, this service is aimed for both application developers and non-developers. If you are not a developer you will be using the forms available at htput.com, but if you know how to code you can leverage the power of this service by making anonymous api calls to persist your data on the cloud. While there are many webservices allowing you to do something similar, none offers you the amount of freedom, simplicity and speed that htput does.